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Hồ Sơ: 1441892 Đăng Ký Hồ Sơ Sửa Chữa Hồ Sơ Xem Thư Từ Tìm Kiếm Hồ Sơ Báo Cáo Hồ Sơ Xấu Trang Chính

 Hitek333 - ID: 1441892
 IP và Ngày: on September 6, 2018 at 7:47am
 Sửa Chữa Ngày:  January 28, 2020 at 5:03pm
 Giới Tính:  Nam
 Tuổi:  61
 Chiều Cao:  5 Feet 8 Inches (173 cm)
 Cân Nặng:  165 lbs (75 kg)
 Thân Hình:  Average
 Từ Thành Phố:  Ho Chi Minh City
 Tiểu Bang:  
 Đất Nước:  Viet Nam
 Tôn Giáo:  Atheist
 Học Vấn:  BA/BS (4 years college)
 Nghề Nghiệp:  Software Engineer
 Hút Thuốc:  Không Hút Thuốc
 Uống Rượu:  Biết Uống Một Chút
 Gia Cảnh: Sống Độc Thân
 Mục Tiêu:  Find the right lady for me (extremely difficult). Live a happy and healthy and relaxed life with her and our small family. Not easy, but that would be my ideal. Also I would prefer to live in Australia or Europe, but that's something we'd have to discuss. Đỗi qua tiếng Việt
 Giờ Rãnh Rỗi:  Right now I spend most of my time working or learning and little else. But I like nature and quiet, not cities and noise. So normally I would walk most days through forests or near a beach or maybe in a nice suburb, depending on where I was living (only if it had little traffic, plenty of trees, clean air and nice views). Usually I would also go to a gym 3 times per week, read a lot (mostly IT to stay up-to-date, general science and technology, news, science-fiction) sometimes eat in a restaurant or go to a tea or coffee shop, meet friends, travel, and in the past, many more. Skiing, diving, ice/roller skating, swimming, sailing, windsurfing, martial-arts, different things at different times, but too many to list. Đỗi qua tiếng Việt
 Tôi Là:  I was born in England, but for about half my life I've lived in Australia. I have dual-citizenship but think of Australia as home. I've also lived and worked for about 7 years in South-East and East Asia, including about 3 years in Vietnam. I was last in Australia and the UK in 2016, but since then have been travelling. I studied engineering, electronics and computing. In the past I mostly worked as a self-employed IT contractor, designing and developing computer systems and software. Right now I'm working as an IT consultant in HCMC. I'm loyal, honest, sincere, kind, considerate, thoughtful, (too) direct, sensitive and a little intellectual / philosophical. I'm also both idealistic and practical, which seems to give me an unusual outlook on life and makes me different from most people. I try to make myself see "the truth", even if it's difficult to face. I try to look after my body and have exercised throughout my life, trying to stay reasonably fit and slim. Right now I'm less fit than I've ever been, something I really do not like, but I will start exercising again soon. I sometimes drink, usually only beer or red wine, but rarely, not much, and I don't get drunk. If I'm living somewhere where I can cook for myself, I'll try to eat reasonably healthy food. I'm not interested in spectator sports, famous people, gambling or drugs. I really hate smoking, superstition (including religion, astrology and new-age beliefs), arrogance, selfishness, deceit, rudeness, anti-social behaviour, official corruption or anything at all similar to these things. I've never been married because it's very difficult for me to find someone compatible who I like and who I can really talk to. Of course, I've made mistakes too, like everyone. But with hindsight I also think I've been quite unlucky, and it's heart-breaking to still be alone and still searching at my age. So I've nearly given up now. Finding someone in this country is easier in some ways than in the West, but harder in others. I think that language, culture and distance make it difficult to start and continue a relationship, but "difficult" is not "impossible". And to me, these are temporary problems, and with the right person, should not be serious. Everything I've written is true and as accurate as I can make it for an online profile like this. My photos here are not good I know, but I have very few recent ones. The main photo was taken in Falmouth, England, 2016. The others in Langkawi, Malaysia, 2018, Umina Beach, Australia, 2013, Vung Tau, Vietnam, 2018, Siem Reap, Cambodia, 2017, Sydney, Australia, 2011, Vung Tau, Vietnam, 2018, Erina, Australia, 2015. Đỗi qua tiếng Việt
 Tìm Kiếm:  I'm not here looking for friends or casual relationships. I just hope to meet Ms Right, someone I can share everything with stay with "forever", and try for a small family. I think a compatible person would be intelligent, rational, reasonable, flexible in her thinking and probably educated. Also not religious or superstitious, non-smoking, very honest, sincere, open, sharing, loyal and gentle and with some similar interests. Ideally she would be slim (maybe about 150cm/40kg to 168cm/55kg), not unattractive, and single. A divorced or widowed lady may be OK. But I'm very sorry, without children from a previous relationship - the same as me. And unfortunately, purely because of biology, I need to find someone much younger than myself, otherwise it would be difficult or impossible to try for our own children. I don't need to be married to commit to one person, but I could marry if she wanted to. Đỗi qua tiếng Việt

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